Thursday, January 14, 2016

Introduction Blog
 I am Melissa Olson and a junior at UNL. My major is Secondary Education with an endorsement in Biology. I am currently taking Teac 259 and learning about different technologies. This class may prove to be a challenge for me because I am not very good with technology. Some facts about me are; I am from Emmetsburg, Iowa. I love science, (hence the endorsement in Biology). In class today we talked a little bit about standards and affordances that new technology provides us. When we were leaving we were asked to grab paper off the white board and write in our blogs about our technology. I grabbed white out. White out is a pretty rad invention.
 If I don't want to write in pencil it's all good I can use pen and if I screw up it's fine I just white it out. Before white out if you made a mistake on a page in pen you had to just scribble it out. That looks messy. The advantages and problems white out solves are called it's affordances. There was a standard that was set that professional writing does not have scribble marks or incorrectly spelled works throughout it. White out was the solution.   This week we were also asked to make a vine, which I have never done before. So to be continued...
Some students even get creative with their white out it would appear!