Thursday, March 17, 2016


Today in class we were shown three different types of technology. First we used littlebits. They were these interesting little electronic pieces you could hook together to make different things. They were described to us as Legos with a battery. Next, we used a leap motion which is a lot like an educational video game. It has a sensor that reads your hand motion instead of using an actual mouse.  Lastly, we looked at Makey Makeys,  which are wires that connect with your computer and any object you want to be a keyboard key. I think the one that I would most likely incorporate into the classroom is the Leap motion. It had a lot of cool science uses that I think would be a fun study tool for students, as well as a possible alternative to labs if budgeting and time doesn't allow. I would be weary of how to grade the students usage of the leap motion however. My group struggled with getting the leap motion to do what we wanted to it, so I think it would be something a used for extra credit, or study time and not core points in my grade book. I think I would maybe incorporate the other two technologies in my classroom in an optional way. I think they would be nice to have set up in stations for if students are done with their work, or even as extra credit optional projects as well. I think there are a lot of possibilities on how to connect these technologies into a biology classroom!