Friday, January 22, 2016

Week Two
I finished my Vine experience over the last week. It wasn't really difficult to complete a vine, but it was surprisingly time consuming to make a six second video. We also were asked to tweet over the past week. I have had Twitter for quite a few years now so that was nothing new for me. In class we were assigned groups that share the same subject area majors that we do. We started making an info-graphic on state, national, and technology standards in education.  I think looking at the standards and picking them apart is very interesting and is something I've never looked at before. Putting it into an info-graphic seems to be a little intimidating and challenging to me because I am not tech savvy on any level. In class we also watched a cool video that challenged us to think about how education is being taught. One of my classmates shared that "Technology isn't always learning." A former teacher of his had tweeted him that earlier in the week. I found that to be an awesome thought. Lots of time in high school I can remember the focus being on using our new laptops or this new technology or whatever it may be. Often times though those technologies we as students found ways to be off task with them. I think as a future teacher this is something I'll have to remember when I start trying to incorporate technology into my classroom.
 Roz brought up an interesting idea in class. She mentioned the idea of technology natives and stated how my generation is part of the technology natives, but technology has changed enough that now we are immigrants just like the generations before. This cycle she suggests will always continue. Which brings me to this meme that is most likely the future of my classroom.
 My closing thought is over the past week I have become more aware of technology in general. I also have started thinking about using it in my own classroom. One thing to know about me is I am always on Pinterest, and as I've been surfing Pinterwst I keep finding more and more amazing science apps for teachers. It's gotten me very excited about this class. At some point I will have to select a tech of the week to learn and I will probably use one of the apps I have found on Pinterest so more to come......

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  1. I like the idea you bring up about technology not always being learning - I tend to think along similar lines in that technology does not always equal learning.

    I also enjoy the meme's you add to your posts; it makes it a fun experience for the reader.