Friday, March 11, 2016

Old School Teaching

Being in college I am exposed to many different teaching styles. Each professor brings different styles into their lectures. Since I have become an education major I have found myself picking up on bad teaching techniques as well as good ones. Currently I am taking chemistry. The class has a very traditional lecture. My professor is very old school in every sense of the word. He uses PowerPoint, but writes most of his notes out on the white board for us to copy down. I have found that I actually learn so much  more form him when he does this. He'll write out problems and walk us through how to solve them, instead of just lecturing off the PowerPoint he has. I think this is a very effective way of teaching.  When I come to class I have to actually actively pay attention and copy down notes as opposed to just downloading his notes later from blackboard.  Even though this professor has a very traditional style of teaching he still incorporates technology. Each week we have assignments that are due online. We also get points from participating in clicker questions. I like the way he teaches and runs the class. It is a good teaching model. I think that when I have my own classroom I will probably be incorporating technology in similar ways while still keeping it old school and simple.

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