Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Break

This week is the first week back from vacation. It's been crazy getting back into the schedule of doing homework and going to classes as well as work. It's amazing how just one week can ruin a person's schedule. Over break I went to my old high school to complete a technology survey for Teac 259. When I returned to my high school I had a great experience. I was a little skeptical returning to those halls. I haven't been back in that school in years. I got to meet with one of my favorite teachers, as well as the principal, and I also got to observe another teacher's class. Later on in the week I got an email from my old teacher that she had teaching materials she wanted to give me for my future classroom. It was awesome! I have a bag full of movies and lab books to use in the future. I also learned about a really cool program called the World Food Prize that  I encourage everyone to go research. It is a great opportunity for students, so hopefully that sparks your curiousity enough to research more!!

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  1. I think that the school technology survey was a really interesting project. I too went to my old school, and it was really weird being back there. It was interesting to see how technology has changed in the three years since I was there. -Shelby F